Paw Pressions


Sold by the case: 24 per case

Give grieving pet owners a memento to take home with them on the day of their loss


Paw-Pressions is quick and easy to use, and can be ready to make and give to a grieving pet owner on the day of their loss. Your clients will be comforted to leave your office with a keepsake of their beloved pet.

Paw-Pressions comes in a beautiful black, faux leather presentation box. A photo can be added to the front frame and fur clippings can be put inside. The clay comes ready to use and requires no molding, rolling or baking. It air dries when the box is left open for a few days, creating an everlasting memorial.

Paw-Pressions is a beautiful way to memorialize a beloved pet for your client. Staff members will feel good giving your client a beautiful remembrance of their pet. If your first try at a paw print is not to your liking, you can simply replace the clay pad. You are able to reduce waste and truly get the most out of every case you order


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